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Gemstones for Spring

Updated: May 30, 2021

Spring is here after the cold and dark of winter! This winter has been an especially hard one with many of us stuck in lockdown and unable to see our loved ones. When do you get that spring feeling? For me it is when the pile of logs next to my fire stops shrinking, when I drive with the car window open for the first time or see the daffodils nodding to me in the breeze.

Spring is a time of change and renewal and this can be reflected in the gemstones we might choose to wear. Below I have created a list of some of the gemstones I feel are good for spring. What do you think?


Amethyst is a classic gemstone - a variety of quartz ranging in colour from light pink and lavender to a rich, sumptuous purple. I has been highly prized since ancient times and the Romans even believed it could protect one from becoming drunk (I have not tried this myself and I'm sure my readers wouldn't dream of drinking too much). Later, in the Middle ages it was associated with royalty and was carried into battle by soldiers who believed it could protect them from harm and help them keep a level head.

To see my amethyst earrings click here.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli was highly prized by the ancients and has been mined in Afaganistan for at least 8000 years and exported to the civilisations of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. To see how it was used, look at the beautiful golden death mask of King Tutankhamun. Later it was ground to make the stunning plue paint in the Rennaisance. Lapis is a rich, luxurious blue containing flecks of gold coloured pyrite.

To see my Lapis earrings click here.

Connemara Marble

This beautiful marble formed some 900million years ago. Although marble itself is not rare, this particular variety can only be found in the west of Ireland. This stone comes in many shades of green and all sorts of patterns meaning that no two pieces can ever bee the same. The beautiful dappling of different greens reminds me of the woods in spring when trees are spining into leaf after a long, grey winter. It is not commonly used and so is great if you are seeking out something a little different.

To see my Marble earrings click here.

Venetian Glass

Yes glass! I include glass here because the fine venetian glass rods I use to make my drops comes in such vibrant colours. I make my glass beads and drops using a hot torch in my Devon workshop. I was particularly pleased with the luxurious look of these drop earrings which, although made of fine glass, are remeniscent of the gemstone Malachite. Glass teardrops are basically molten glass frozen at the moment they drop. Yes I know I make it sound easy, but there is quite a knack to getting it just right.

See my glass teardrops here.

Jade and pearls

I like the combination of dark green jade and beautiful freshwater pearls. This combination reminds me of snowdrops on the grass as the winter is coming to an end, or snow melting on grass. Both jade and pearls have been prized since ancient times, especially in Eastern Asia. For these earrings I used jade nuggets rather than perfectly round beads as I feel they go nicely with the irregular form of the freshwater pearls. What do you think?

To see my Jade earrings click here.

Fluorite and sterling silver handmade gemstone earrings


Fluorite was highly valued in ancient times both for its beauty and for its use as part of the process of smelting iron. Fluorite comes in a greater variety of colours than any other gemstone. Here is a pair of earrings I made using a "fuschia" coloured variety. For me it is reminiscent of the colour of some spring flowers such as tulips and crocuses. Fluorite is a relatively soft stone, but hard enough to make is suitable for make into jewellery and beads.

I hope you like my spring picks. Is there any gemstone you would have included that I missed out? Ultimately, the important thing when choosing which genstone to wear is that it feels right for you.

Fortunaearrings is a handmade jewellery store featuring a wide range of unique earrings made of gemstones and sterling silver. As well as gemstone earrings which will appeal to the gemstone collector, you will also find a range of earrings made of Venetian glass lampworked at my Devon workshop. See my full handmade jewellery portfolio by clicking the shop link at the top of this page.

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