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Gemstones for Autumn

Updated: May 30, 2021

Colurs of Autumn
Colours of Autumn

When the long, hot months of Summer begin to fade away our thoughts begin to turn towards Autumn. My favourite season when we reap the harvest of our labour through the year. Nature seems to be winding down and the air is filled with the smells of leaf litter. I like cooler weather, so after a hot summer, Autumn can feel like a relief. Autumn is traditionally associated with brown, gold, and red colours and here I have listed some of the stones I feel look good for Autumn. You should always wear the jewellery which makes you feel good, and which feels right, but if you are stuck for ideas take a look at some of the gemstones listed here.

What do you think of my picks? Are there any stones you would have added?


Amber is a gem, but it is not a stone. It is the fossilised resin of ancient trees making it one of a handful of organic gems. It can take between 1 and 10 million years for resin to fossilise, and it will only do so when the conditions are just right. Most amber is between 30 and 90 million years old, but amber has been found dating back as much as 320 million years. Amber can contain inclusions which is where insects and small creature get trapped in the resin, becoming perfectly preserved. Sometimes larger creatures get trapped such as frogs and we have even discovered the feather of a therapod dinosaur. Amber comes in a wide range of colours and is found all over the World, but the main produce of Amber is the Baltic. Amber is exceptionally light and can float on water.

It is believed by some that amber has medicinal properties such as rheumatism, gout, sore throats, and toothache. It is also believed that Amber can provide a cure for snakebites and can aid women in labour.

See my Amber earrings here.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye is a member of the quartz family of gemstones and is, what is referred to as, a Chatoyant stone meaning that it has an unusual optical quality – it appears to change subtly as you move it. It comes in a range of brown, gold, and red colours. It also has striations which are caused by its quartz and iron content. I is found in Brazil, Australia and the USA, but most Tiger’s Eye actually comes from Africa. It has been prized for thousands of years and the Ancient Egyptians associated it with the “All Seeing Eye” and sometimes used it to make eyes for their statues. It was also sometimes carried by Roman soldiers who believed it would give them the strength and courage of a tiger.

Many who believe it has metaphysical powers consider Tiger’s Eye to be a balancing stone which can bring good luck and a sense of confidence to the wearer.

See my Tiger's Eye earrings here.

Red Jasper

This stone is a dark, rusty red colour and is a type of Jasper which is, in turn, part of the Chaldony family of minerals. It was valued by our ancient ancestors and its name derives from the Greek word “iaspi” which means “spotted one”. It was also prized by the Ancient Egyptians who associated it with the Goddess Isis and who used it in the carving of magical amulets for the dead. The Norse considered Jasper to be magical and it is mentioned in their mythology as the stone which was inlaid into the sword of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer.

This is a durable stone which makes it suitable both for the carving of figurine and as a material for jewellery. I can be found in many places around the World including India, Russia, Indonesia, Madagascar, Australia, Brazil and the USA.

Some consider it to be a powerful healing stone which offers protection, promotes wellbeing and healing. Others associate this stone with fertility.

See all my Jasper earrings here.


Lava is a stone which is becoming increasingly popular in jewellery. Lava is an igneous rock formed of rapidly cooling basalt during volcanic eruptions. It is irregular in shape and filled with little voids and holes formed by volcanic gasses, making it an exceptionally light material. This irregularity can result in unusual and quirky jewellery. It is usually a grey or black colour but is now dyed in a wide range of different colours. When making jewellery, I usually stick to its natural colour, but like to combine it with another gemstone with a contrasting colour, such as a white pearl.

Some believe that Lava is a very grounding stone which can balance the emotions and promotes calmness and strength. It is also associated with rebirth and renewal and so is thought by some to promote fertility.


Carnelian is a hard, glassy stone which part of the Chaldony family of minerals. I is slightly translucent and can range in colour from a light pink to a dark, brownish red. It is a durable stone which makes it ideal for jewellery making. In ancient times it was associated with flesh and its name is derived from the same Latin word which gave us the word “carnivore”. It was valued in ancient times and the Ancient Egyptians associated it with female energies and the Goddess Isis. It was also sometimes worn into battle by ancient warriors who believed it could bring them courage and power.

Some believe it can promote good luck and financial prosperity, making it useful for people working in sales or who are about to embark on a new financial enterprise. Carnelian is also sometimes called the “Singers Stone” as is it believed by some people that it clarifies the voice.

See all my Carnelian earrings here.


Agate is a translucent variety of quartz which forms when running water deposits layers os silica which can often be seen in the form of bands in this gemstone. Agate is hard and durable which, along with the decorative bands, make it especially good for carving into figurines of making jewellery. Agate has been used for many thousands of years and was one of the earliest gemstones used by our ancestors. There have been many archeological finds of agate in Greece and at the ancient capital of the Cretan Civilization at Knossos. Agate is a stone which can be dyed beautifully into all sorts of colours which often enhances the banding in the stone. I often use dyed Agate, but also love it in its natural form.

Some believe that Agate banishes negativity and enhances mental functions, balancing the aura. Agate is said to be a soothing and calming stone which is good for improving concentration.

See all my Agate earrings here.

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